• Carriebeepls

    Making a Page

    April 3, 2011 by Carriebeepls

    Making a page on EL wiki is pretty easy. Either click on a link in a current article that is a 'dead' link or click on "add a page" on the sidebar where ever you see it. Title your page and then start adding content!

    If you're making a page for a character, use the Infobox:Character to provide an easy brief profile. The same can be said if you're making a page for a family. We'll add more, like ones for locations when we get the chance. I recommend editing via the "source" control because you can add in things like headers (==header==) and subheader (===subheader===) and links ([*[link]]) easier than in the rich text editor. (removing stars where needed)

    For characters, might I recommend using the following for a profile to keep things neat …

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