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The Book of Gold begins 530 years before the present time (about 200 years before the Human Era), when Tortall, a state of the fallen Thanic Empire that once covered all of the Eastern Lands, set itself up as a realm of its own. The Book of Silver began 170 years later, with the same construction, only in silver. Once that ran out of pages, 245 years later, The Book of Copper was begun, and it's still being used.

The Conté family has ruled Tortall since the second century of the Human Era.



Tortall is bordered by the Emerald Ocean to the west, Scanra to the north, Galla, Tusaine and Tyra to the east, and Barzun to the south.


Temperate; moderated by prevailing southwest winds from the Emerald Ocean; mild winters, cool summers; consistently humid; overcast about half the time.


Mostly level to rolling interior plain surrounded by rugged hills and low mountains; sea cliffs on west coast.

Natural HazardsEdit

Winter windstorms; floods.

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